Business Incubator

We are an organization that acts as an intermediary between an entrepreneur and his clients in order to resolve financial, tax and legal issues. Thanks to this service, there is no need to separately register a business, so it is suitable for freelance sole proprietors.


  • Simplicity of activities in Poland;
  • There is no need to hire an accountant;
  • You can legalize the stay of the whole family for a long time;
  • Flexible tax rates for developers, graphic designers and marketing specialists in comparison to other forms of activity in Poland.
Business Incubator

How it works?

  • Analysis of your application;
  • Signing an agreement, after which a virtual project and a controlling account will be opened for you;
  • Signing an employment contract “Umowa o dzielo” or “Umowa zlecenia”, after which you legally become an employee of a Polish company;
  • Signing a Business Cooperation agreement between a Polish company (Incubator) and you. Under such an agreement, you send payment for services to the controlling account of the incubator;
  • Once the funds are in the account, the Incubator staff will tax the funds and levy the necessary taxes, and then pay the balance as wages to you.
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How it works?

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