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Accounting support
includes the following services:


  • Preparation/translation of questions for a tax consultant;
  • Registration of a company as a VAT payer;
  • Accompanying export-import operations – working with your broker and tax consultant, assistance with translations and solving cooperation problems;


  • Evaluation of costs and benefits from various forms of business financing, search for partners to order these services, order of services;
  • Assistance in choosing a banking product (for example, a bank loan, factoring) to improve the company’s financial liquidity;
  • Provision of active support in creditworthiness assessment;
  • Work with a tax and financial advisor;
  • Finance lease – assistance in registration, communication with financial organizations, search for options for obtaining;
  • Assistance with banking, training on how to use the banking and explanation of the features of banking in Poland;
  • Bank – submission of documents for opening an account, changing the bank if necessary;
  • Cash register – consultation on use, assistance with choosing a cash register, ordering;
  • Business plan – assistance in writing, or ordering a ready-made business plan for your company.

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