Permits and licenses

The performance of certain professions and personal economic activities requires an appropriate license. This applies to activities such as:

  • taxi service,
  • transportation of people and things,
  • detective services, protection of people and property,
  • management and real estate brokerage,
  • appraisers.
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Permits and licenses

Who needs permit?

Permission to conduct a particular type of business is needed only when it is required by the provisions of the law (the full list is indicated in article 75 of the Law on the freedom of economic activity). A permit is required, in particular, for the following activities:

  • wholesale and retail sale of alcoholic beverages,
  • insurance business and insurance mediation,
  • conducting activities related to the lottery, gambling, betting,
  • measures for the use and disposal of household waste and protection from stray animals,
  • organization of shelters for animals,
  • production and distribution of license plates for vehicles,
  • production and introduction into circulation of medicines,
  • conducting pharmacy, pharmaceutical wholesalers.
Who needs permit?

We provide the following services:

  • Transport licenses:
    • regular transportation;
    • transportation of people;
    • international transportation;
    • taxi transport license.
  • Licenses for the sale of alcohol and excise goods
  • Building Permits
  • Employment agency licenses/Work Permits
  • Permits for the production of animal feed
  • Permissions for brokerage activities – maintaining the stock exchange and over-the-counter market, crypto-exchange.
  • Permits for gambling, betting establishments, lotteries and slot machines
  • Permits for the disposal of household and hazardous waste
  • Permits for the operation of water supply and sewerage in the field of collective water supply or collective sewerage
  • Licenses for the conduct of economic activity
  • Entry in the register of regulated activities
  • Obtaining concessions
We provide the following services:

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