Residence permit

Residence permit / Karta pobytu is a document that identifies a foreigner, gives him a residence permit in Poland and allows him to stay legally in the country for more than 90 days.

This is a residence permit that allows you to cross the borders of Poland without obtaining additional visas, as well as legally stay on the territory of Poland during the period indicated on the residence permit.

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Residence  permit

There are several types of residence permits:

  • Karta czasоwego pоbytu – temporary residence permit, which is issued for a period not exceeding 3 years.
  • Blue Card – a type of temporary residence permit for work, for professions that require high qualifications (programmers, department heads, HR specialists, etc.)
  • Karta stałego pobytu – a permanent residence permit, which gives the right to permanent residence on the territory of Poland, but the document must be renewed every 10 years.
  • Zezwolenie na pobyt rezydenta długoterminowego Unii Europejskiej –EU long-term residence permit.
There are several types of residence permits:
What are the grounds for obtaining a residence permit?

Grounds for obtaining
residence permit

Temporary residence permit:

  • official employment in Poland;
  • education in Polish educational institutions;
  • running your own business in Poland;
  • citizenship of any EU country;
  • reuniting with a family member who already has a residence permit;
  • marriage to a Polish citizen.

Blue Card:

  • verified income more than 8500 zł
  • higher education diploma or 5 years of experience in the required profession;
  • signed an employment contract for a period of at least 1 year;

Permanent residence permit:

  • Pole’s card;
  • polish origins;
  • children are citizens of Poland.

Zezwolenie na pobyt rezydenta długoterminowego Unii Europejskiej (EU long-term residence permit): 

  • a person has been living in Poland legally and continuously for the last 5 years;
  • has proof of a steady source of income;
  • availability of health insurance;
  • documentary evidence that the candidate speaks Polish.
Why is it beneficial?

Benefits of Residence permits

You do not need to continue the visa
for the duration of the residence permit.
Free crossing of
border with Poland
to travel all over Europe
Higher probability of obtaining
visas to the USA and UK
Possibility of buying
real estate and transport
Favorable loan terms and
conditions (including mortgage loans)
Additional Business
Legalization of your
family and relatives
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Required documents

What documents are required
to apply for a residence permit?

For each case (work, study, family reuniting, etc.) on the ground of which you plan to apply for a residence permit, there is a list of documents. In the list below, you can see required documents for a residence permit:

  • completed application form (vniosek);
  • passport;
  • insurance contract;
  • housing lease agreement;
  • PESEL/NIP (if you have one);
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax receipt;
  • 4 photo’s (size 3.5×4.5 cm).

In any case, in order to apply for a residence permit, you need to provide the inspector with the following documents:

  • housing lease agreement;
  • work contract, bank statement;
  • insurance contract.

The package of documents for a residence permit (temporary or permanent residence) of each foreigner is considered by the inspector individually, therefore, at his discretion, he may additionally request some documents.
For example:

  • Police clearance certificate;
  • Notarized statement from your bank account.

We offer:

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case support
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acceleration of the process.
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seal on the day of submission
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on the case (pełnomocnik)
Bilingual contract with all
guarantees for the Client
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